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Track Your Sailing Race Scores Online

Manage sailing race scores online with FleetLogIt's easy to get started with Fleetlog. If you are looking for an easy way to track your sailing race scores online then the best place too start is a demo. Go ahead and launch a demo to get started. Play around with a fake demo club that is already populated with captains and fleets. Races already exist that can be edited or you can create your own new race grids. Do what ever you'd like to the demo club. Its yours. No one else can see it. You can make it something big or you can destroy it. Your call. But do as much as you want so that you become comfortable with the system. When you are ready to create your own real FleetLog club simply go to the home page and click Register Sailing Club.

Launch FleetLog Sailing Club ManagementRemember your data from the demo club will NOT carry over. The demo club is simply a sand box to play and test only.

If you have any questions during the demo period, don't hesitate to contact support and ask your questions.

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