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What is the cost of FleetLog sailboat race and roster management?

Manage sailing race scores online with FleetLogFLEETLOG IS FREE TO TRY FOR AS LONG AS YOU WANT**

When you create a FleetLog club account there is an annual subscription fee that your club pays to maintain membership and use all the features. However you always start with a TRIAL account that is FREE to use. You get FULL functionality for every feature on the site during your trial period.

So the simple answer is the entire site is FREE to you .. until your trial period ends. And then you pay the yearly subscription fee. Now here is where things get tricky in your favor. ...

**WARRANTY: We want you to be fully satisfied with the FREE TRIAL and we want to be sure that you know FleetLog can do what you thought it could do. So, that being said, we will extend the FREE trial to your club account for as long as you need to be reasonably satisfied that FleetLog is useful to your sailing club. We can work that time frame out together.

Once you are satisfied with the sailboat race and roster management functionality then you would convert your club from a trial to a full membership.

Launch FleetLog Sailing Club ManagementPrices for club memberships are found here on the PRICE PAGE.

FleetLog is ALWAY FREE for individual users and sailors. The subscription fee applies to a club as a whole.


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