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FleetLog - Community Sailboat Fleet and Race Management

Manage sailing race scores online with FleetLogFleetLog is a one stop shop for sailboat fleet, race and score management online. Using FleetLog, sailing clubs can post race results and auto-calculate results. In the past clubs have had difficulty with sailing club race score management. Attempts would be made to manage it in MS Excel or keep track of it on paper and post it to the bulletin board down at the sailing club. But ultimately it would get lost or forgotten or the effort would lose its champion and no one would pick up the slack. FleetLog tackles these issues and gives clubs a centralized location that anyone can access online. A club account allows you to assign anyone in your fleet to be a Fleet Admiral (FA). In FleetLog, a FA has permissions to manage and edit scores, create new race grids, modify the fleet roster of captains, and post photos and bulletins. You can also send out email notifications to your club at any time.

How was FleetLog conecived? It was out of nessesity. For years, sailing club members have been asking, "how do i track my races online for my sailing club?". The other options were to try and maintain your own excel document. Anyone who has ever done this knows that it either gets lost, never gets updated, or the person who is responsible for it stops working on it completely. Even if it gets updated, how do you show the others the weekly updates? For decades we have all tried the paper results posted to the bulletin board down at the sailing club. But it doesnt take more than one rain fall or windy day to kell that idea. It just makes sense to have one integrated onlien location where every club member can go to check their race score results. And since you can assign multiple FleetAdmirals (FA) to score races, you are never without a person responsible.

Launch FleetLog Sailing Club ManagementFleetLog has been adding on features regularly and we are continuing to grow both in customers and features. We would like to be your best and final solution to managing sailing race scores online. To do this we need your help. Tell us what you like and don't like. Tell us what is missing and what you could use. When we hear good suggestions we implement them. We do this because it makes sense and we want the program to work for you. We look forward to hearing your input.

-FleetLog Support

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