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FleetLog Sample Pricing

Overview: There are no hidden fees and we want to make sure you know ahead of time what a FleetLog club subscription will cost. FleetLog is always FREE for individuals. There is an annual subscription fee for a club membership.


FleetLog is FREE for any sailor to create an account and associate themselves with a fleet within a club. When a sailor registers their account, they are elevated to captain status and can manage and interact with their race statistics, scores, grids and fellow sailors. Sailors/Captains must be made part of a fleet roster by a club owner (commodore) or the manager of an individual fleet from within a club (Fleet Admiral). Once a captain is part of a roster, their scores and statistics can be entered, managed reviewed and retrieved.

Club accounts are also FREE to register for a "reasonable" ** trial period. When you create a club, you gain the ability to populate that club with an unlimited number of race grids, scores, sailors, bulletins, and statistics. If you are not sure about it, go ahead and try the demo club first and then when you are ready you can register your own real club for FREE for a short while.

This means that we want you to try FleetLog for FREE for as LONG as you reasonably need until you feel comfortable that it works for your club. While we set a several week time frame on the trial, simply come to us and ask for an extension if you would like more time. The FREE trial includes everything the paid club subscription offers. See below.

CLUB ACCOUNT PRICES (after your trial period expires):
$ 200 :  This yearly club fee includes 2 default fleets, unlimited captains, unlimited race events, unlimited statistics, and 5 MB of storage space per fleet for uploading photos and bulletin attachments (PDFs, MS Word, MS Excel, etc).

$ 50 :  This is the yearly cost for each additional fleet if you should want more fleets beyond the 2 default fleets that come with the initial membership. Each fleet comes with 5 MB of storage space for photos and bulletin attachments plus an unlimited number of sailors, grids, scores and stats.
$ 5.00 :  This is the yearly cost for 1 MB of additional storage space per fleet beyond the 5 MB of free space that comes with the default fleet. Storage space is used for photos and bulletin attachments. Photos are down-sized in FleetLog so you can fit quite a lot of photos into your 5 MB initial storage (the amount varies based on photo size). You can add more storage space at any time in increments of 5MB each.

A typical yearly club membership without any add-ons costs a club $ 200 . This includes 2 default fleets, each with unlimited captains, race grids, scores, statistics, profiles, bulletins a custom club info page, and full notification tool. It also includes 5 MB of storage space per fleet for bulletin attachments and photos that can be tagged and linked directly to each race grid.

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Launch FleetLog Sailing Club ManagementIf you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please be sure to let us know.  We are constantly upgrading FleetLog based on feedback from our family of customers.

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